A Call Out for Test Knitters: Coronet Beret

The Coronet Beret is stylish and elegant, built with a motif of increases, decreases and plenty of texture.

Knit in the round from the brim to the peak. A repeated motif is knit multiple times, building volume in the beret, the motif tapers off at the top, and an i-cord, with optional boop, is the cherry on top.

The olive Coronet Beret lays flat and it looks like a flower.
This project is suitable for test knitters who are confident in the following:
  • Making gauge
  • Working in the round
  • Following multiple instructions at the same time
    • Multiple stitches per round
  • Reading charts & written instructions
  • Knowing when to use safety lines or the more-than-asked stitch markers
    • The motif is broken into two portions
      • the widest stitch amount per motif is 32 sts per motif
      • there are six repeats of the motif in the pattern
  • Working in Slack and Google Docs
  • Effectively communicating errors or suggesting edits
  • Calculating the yarn weight and length used for the project
  • Taking well-lit and desirable photos of the finished project
  • Submitting comments in a post-mortem questionnaire
The underside of the Coronet Beret.

  • NEW! Test knitting with Balsam Knits is like a knit-along.
    • There will be a giveaway of knitting accessories & products at the end of the test. Details will be provided in the Slack group in Milestone 2.
  • Gifting a PDF of the finished pattern with a link to Ravelry
  • In addition, a coupon code to get a free pattern from the designer's collection or future collection
  • The designer will write a personal review for your account in Yarnpond
  • The designer will promote each tester's piece (with consent) and write about the experience in a blog and newsletter.
Schematic of the beret.

The following milestones are designed to keep us all on the path to the deadline.

2023-01-17: Deadline to Apply
2023-01-18: Test Begins
2023-01-25: Make Gauge
2023-02-01: Cast-On, Work Rounds 1 - 32
2023-02-08: Work Rounds 33 - end
2023-02-15: Photograph, complete Ravelry test project, and complete post-mortem survey
To apply to test knit email or send a message here.

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