Sustainable Fashion: Knit

There is nothing more sustainable than knitting your own sweater from locally grown yarn. The worsted weight yarn by Topsy Farms Yarn used in the Ptarmigan Pullover here is named olive, but I'm seeing moss.

Knitting with Topsy Farms worsted yarn is an absolute pleasure. The lanolin is moisturizing, there is very little vegetal matter, and the colour is fantastic! Just look at it with the dark denim below. And, after the wash, it'll bloom, soften, and relax and be added to my sweater drawer for everyday wearing.
Balsam Knits is proud to ethically knit sustainable fashion and encourage makers to do the same.

Find a locally sourced yarn in your area and to make your Canadian designed pullover. 

Laura stands with her right hand in her jean pocket showing the lace details along the side of her sleeve.

Get the Ptarmigan Pullover Pattern here.

When you're tired of this style, you can always frog it and knit something else. Wool yarn is sustainable.

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