Ten Years Ago, Today

Ten years ago, on April 24. I can remember where I was when I heard the news. I was drinking my coffee in a life I don’t have anymore, needling to bring my kid to daycare so I could work my day. Work was a small manufacturing and boutique on a high street in Ottawa. I had something in common with the 1134 people who died and over 2500 injured people at the Ranna Plazza collapse.

The disaster sparked motivation in our business. My business partner and I resolved to educate people about the benefits of buying locally. By purchasing clothes made in Ottawa by Ottawa residents, we could reinvest our money into the community, promote responsible consumption, and become a leader in sustainability in Ottawa.

Join the Fashion Revolution and sign their manifesto if you are genuinely interested in learning about what you can do in the realm of fashion and consumption.

And, if you want to work for sustainably conscientious fashion companies there is the Conscious Fashion Collective, an online platform and community aimed at promoting a fashion industry that is socially and ecologically responsible. They showcase top-conscious fashion brands, highlight innovative creatives and organizations driving change, and provide educational resources that delve into the industry's challenges and collaborate on potential solutions.

We don't judge people for buying what they buy, that is not our business. All we ask is to buy quality, use it well, repair it if you can or use it in another way, and bring the cost-per-use down. Disposable is a bad word.

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