Disposal Responsibility

What would it take for companies like this one to start charging their customers for disposal? We probably wouldn't buy their shit anymore.

I don't know what it's like in other countries, cities, or other places in Ontario. However, in Ottawa, customers who want to buy electronics, and hazardous materials like spray paint, or turpentine get charged an environmental fee for disposal. And, after these items are enjoyed and at their end of life, we have to dispose of them at certain places in the city and at certain times of the year.

Of course, this is at the discretion of the business, these fee are meant to defray the cost, and these fees are pennies. For more information on Environmental Penalties in Ontario, click this. But that link speaks to big industry not one $3 t-shirt (delivered in plastic across oceans and across the continent) at the time. I'm such a downer!

This crap is everywhere in our line of sight: our DMs, the neighbourhood. We keep getting an account tagging us to be invited to get a discount code for their shit. Relentlessly, multiple times a day. When we were younger, that would have made usfeel pretty special. And, what if my kid really wanted something from them, would I get it for them, or would I have to have that awkward conversation about buying smarter?

It makes me GRUMPY. It's HARASSMENT. It pisses me off. 

When Instagram, Facebbok, and the Metaverse CONDONES accounts like these they are COMPLICIT in all the SHIT that accompanies fast-fashion including the GARBAGE made by them.

So when these images bombard us and we start to get grumpy, try to go slow friends. Let's take our time. And, let's find meaning again in our consumption.

"Buy less, choose well, make it last,"

--Dame Vivienne Westwood

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