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Shoulders & Sleeves

Are you the knind of knerd who appreciates the details and wants to know more? Then this post is for you. Here I discuss how I chose to add space to places that get extra wear and use so instead of stretching out, it still looks good.


Face The Facing

I love me a double facing on a jacket. The purposes are two fold! see what I did there? Give the garment structure and weight at the opening The strength of the two plies of fabric will help with the regular use of the closure. In this case, snaps


Snap Them Snaps On!

To be honest with you, button holes scare the living bleeps out of me. I'll design it all without having to work button holes. But hey, that might be a good design challenge for me this year. Nope, next year. Read on about how to ballance those snaps, or place your buttons - same math


Hybrid Making

Lately, the word "hybrid" has been used frequently. In bikes and in cars, in plants, and in animals. But how about in needlecraft? The thing is, I saw it in the 70s and the sophistication of making back then might have paved the way for the next generation to ignore the skills. I am attempting to give it a go. To blend the woven with the knitting. The crochet with the woven. The knitting with the crochet. It is my hope that my design taste will bring the blending to a level of refinement that will be desirable. This is a test. If it turns out yuk, it’ll be a good learning experience. And, whoever creates a lovely hybrid design,...