"It is easy to buy something someone got hurt making." -Laura Twiss

Laura looks at you flirtatiously. She has long brown hair with grey at her temples. She wears a brown hand-knit sleeveless.To find the providence of an item is a complicated journey.

For you, I want to take that problem out of the equation. One beautiful piece you make at a time. One stitch at a time.

I’m Laura Twiss, and I’m thankful you are here; I have much to tell you. Balsam Knits is my greenhouse where I gather and cultivate my experience, and share my first love of hand-making with you.

Like you, I am a student of sustainability. I am devoted to conveying the importance of hand-making and having beautiful items in our lives. My hero William Morris believed "in the power of beauty to transform human lives." I believe we can transform our lives and make our world an even more beautiful place to be in.

My style is classic, with a touch of elegance and a clipping of humour. I design size-inclusive knitwear and accessory patterns, which I write with clear instructions et je les traduis en français, juste pour vous. 

Every one is tech-edited and test-knit, are produced professionally, and the result of your making is a long-lasting piece your long-lost nieces and nephews will fight over one day.